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Stress is a natural part of life. It can even help us meet daily challenges and motivate us to reach goals. Stress can accompany good changes (e.g., an exciting new job) and challenging situations (e.g., caretaking for an ill family member).


When stress is chronic or severe it can lead to problems:



Digestive problems

Muscle tension and pain


Heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke

Sleep problems

Weight gain

Memory or attention problems

Managing Stress

It's important to take steps to reduce stress and improve self care.


I usually work with people to help them improve how they respond to and manage stress. It's helpful to identify sources of stress, the role of the stressor source in your life, and any aspects that might be changeable.


Therapy can focus on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to stress using Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and on finding ways to reduce psychological and physical stress reactions using Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). 


I work with people dealing with a variety of types of stressor and burnout. 

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Dr. Annie Bollini        Licensed Psychologist        202-696-2277
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