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Coaching to Meet Life Goals

Are you spending your days doing things that are in line with your life priorities? Do you feel like you keep trying to accomplish something but can't quite make it happen? Do you want to establish a new habit but the change doesn't stick?


Coaching can be an amazing way to help you evaluate your life, identify goals, and take actionable steps to accomplish change.


Coaching principles might be incorporated into therapy depending on your therapy goals. But, coaching can be a separate endeavor from therapy, where you just focus forward - on your future - to reach an important goal. See a more detailed list of therapy and coaching differences. Both disciplines are valuable.

Setting Goals

Common Coaching Topics Are:

  • (Re)alignment of daily life with values/priorities

  • Career change or improvement

  • Retirement planning

  • Organization of life activities or space (home, office) 

  • Financial changes - spending, investing

  • Weight loss or exercise

  • Work-life balance

Coaching Process:

  • Coaching is flexible to meet your needs.

  • It is a supportive process to help you identify reasonable steps and problem-solve barriers. 

  • Feeling accountable is a significant benefit of coaching.

  • You can set a large goal or have a series of small goals.


     ..the key is to just start working on your goals so that you can love the changes in your life.

Coaching packages are available. 

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