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Coping with Illness or Injury

If you have been through a medical event, ongoing medical problem, received a diagnosis, have been seriously injured, or are coping with a significant life change as a result of a medical issue, therapy can be extremely helpful. These experiences can completely disrupt your life and lead to major changes in your daily life. Illness and injury can also bring fear about how your future will look.

I've worked with people after experiencing stroke, amputation, quadri- and paraplegia, heart attack, and those who've received chronic illness diagnoses such as cancer and heart disease.


There are many life changes that accompany these experiences.  With those changes, you will experience lots of feelings. You might feel depressed, out of control, overwhelmed, anxious, or traumatized.

Adjusting to Life with Illness or After Injury


Life can feel really hard when you are dealing with medical illness or injury. You might need help processing (talking through) your situation and benefit from support for what you have gone through and continuing issues. We can creating space for you to talk about your experience and situation. 


 In addition, it might be helpful to work on your mindset related to your situation through Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. CBT enables you to challenge thoughts that are not helpful or not based in reality and replace them with more realistic and productive thoughts that lead to better feelings like hope, motivation, and acceptance.


Also, learning or honing strategies to calm your mind and body or address pain through Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and other stress reduction strategies can be extremely helpful.

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